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Weddex was launched in 2015 as a wedding magazine for the Arab world, to later become the first of its kind wedding planner app in Lebanon.

We take pride in being your trusted companion, who will help you through your painful yet exciting experience, to plan, execute and finally accomplish your dream wedding.

No one understands weddings better than we do.


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Weddex exists to:

  1. Inform you by providing you with more than 2,000 local vendors covering all of Lebanon to compare and choose from.


  1. Organize and Plan your tasks by using checklists, wishlists and calendars to make sure nothing goes out of hand before the big day


  1. Assist you with invitations, RSVPs, Bank registries and even Seating charts


  1. Inspire you by providing you with ideas, articles, trends and sensational offers


  1. Make sure you don’t exceed your budget, by imputing your every purchase, Weddex will help you manage your purchases and notify you depending on your chosen budget



…All to help make your life just a little easier!

Our Founder


The greatest person ever

Find him on instagram at #marcassaad

Charbel Issa

Head of development team

Anthony Assaad

Operation manager

Christelle yammine

Marketing manager

Rouzana boustani

Sales manager

How It Works

Whether it is a fairy tale magical wedding in the woods, your typical Lebanese ‘my parents want this wedding not me’, or a barefoot hipster lunch on the beach, Weddex is here to guide you through the whole process. How?

Find the Vendor

Coupled with an in-depth filtering process, including ratings, reviews, direct messaging and online payments, Weddex helps you find and choose your right vendor from a selection of over 2,000 event merchants.

Compare,Check, Plan and Project

Get organized! Start with a wedding checklist that’s personalized based on your wedding date and check off items as you complete them, while monitoring your budget in parallel.

After Hiring the right Vendors

Weddex takes it a step further, enabling you to draw and fill your seating chart, send invitations and track RSVPs, all the while notifying your partner with every decision or wish you might add to your list.

Taking it a bit further

Weddex not only provides the Bride and Groom with its amazing services, but it is also the perfect app to plan and organize a Bachelor party or an Engagement dinner. Just tell us what you want in the filters!

After Weddex your only worry for the big day will be if Teta is going to zalghit loud enough



  • How it All Began.


    As a groom, Charbel had the first-hand experience of the stress and anxiety of planning a mid-sized summer wedding in Lebanon. Scared of the thought that this might be them one day, his friends and coworkers Marc, Anthony, Rouzana and Christelle decided to ease the process for all the remaining Bachelors of the world… including themselves.

    And thus Weddex was born.

  • 2015

    The First Office

    The First Office in 2015.

  • 2015


    Weddex reaches merchants and couples across Lebanon

    After releasing their first test in beirut,  the team raised venture funding from Blom Bank in order to expand across Lebanon.
  • 2017

    Today Weddex

    Offering the most comprehensive online marketplace for weddings – from venues to photographers in lebanon – Weddex has helped thousands of engaged couples find the best merchants for their special day.